How to switch between intel and nvidia graphic in kali linux 2020.4 x86_64 64bit


VGA compatible controller for my nvidia driver not available but should be
i love nvidia .so please fix my problem please i request .
my nvidia x server also don’t have prime profile mode and also display x server.
hope request will get the right answer.

Prime profile in nvidia X server is not available in my nvidia X server .
And vga compatible is intel not my nvidia GeForce mx330 I got a display driver in in the website a .run file but I already installed a graphics driver. Now it say the .run file installation failed by saying that a graphics driver is installed. When I run command to check compatible vga it outputs that it is still intel’s integrated driver
So this is my problem I request for nvidia GeForce mx330’s driver for kali linux x64 2020.4 64bit os with features of prime profile in nvidia X server , display X server ,etc…