How to switch On&Off Edges in JSON file during execution?

Is there a way to turn on and off some edges in isaac codelet to turn on/off some part of the app ?
In my case I want to use svo constantly and activate skeleton pose when the app receive a user input.
I thought about running two isaac apps at the same time but the loss of resources is just too big to be compatible with the jetson nano I’m using …
I’m a beginner with JSON but I saw some ways to comment a JSON file with balises, it maybe possible to use the same principle to make JSON ignore some lines depending on user input during code execution !

Thanks !

I could do it with a codelet : get the camera datas, get the On/Off bool from TCP, copy camera proto, send cameraPotos to the other edges or not depending on On/Off bool. This is easy but with this methode I still lost ressources so an other way could be better, something integrated into Isaac would be so cool !