how to switch serial console to /dev/ttyTHS0 on xavier?

The default serial console on xavier is /dev/ttyTCU0,but sorry, we nee /dev/ttyTHS0 for console.

and xavier dose not support u-boot, so i don’t know how to change the CMDLINE.

dose CBoot support modify the CMDLINE? and how to?

please give a hand, thanks a lot.

hello liu.jialu,

  1. may I know more details about switching to /dev/ttyTHS0
    suggest you also check Jetson AGX Xavier OEM Product Design Guide, and refer to UART chapter for details.

  2. currently cboot do not support user-interrupt and receiving input commands,

on our device:

/dev/ttyTHS0 be designed for normal users’ debug, with a RS-232 connector outside
/dev/ttyTCU0 for internal debug, without connector outside the device, but only pins on board.

so if user want to debug device with console, they need to connect /dev/ttyTHS0.