How to tell when your scene is "ready"

Is there a canonical way to know when the scene is finished loading in?

I am running into a race condition where if I swap a reference in the scene too quickly (Before all the textures have finished loading seems to be a reliable way to recreate the issue) the GUI will freeze and my script will get stuck at a call to kit.update()

At the moment I have gotten around this by just updating 2000 times before trying anything but this feels very hacky and probably system dependant.
I would also like to know if there was a way to set a scene render quality before capturing samples from viewports so I can avoid blurry images without textures loaded properly? (Feels related enough to be the same issue, monitoring scene state let me know if you would prefer it as a separate thread)

I found a flag, sync_loads, for OmniKitHelper which fixes this issue.
I am not 100% sure of the full implications but it does ensure that the scene is full loaded before continuing. Here is a link to the docs for clarity:
There are a bunch of other convenience functions to would enable asynchronous loading until blocking on the scene detailed there too.

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