how to test C code a tyro ask very simple question

hi, experts:
I write CUDA code in Visual Studio 2005 in my laptop without 8800 card.
I have installed these three software:
[Download] CUDA Tookit version 0.8 for Windows XP (32-bit)

[Download] CUDA SDK version 0.8.1 for Windows XP (32-bit)

[Download] Windows Display Driver version 97.73 for CUDA Toolkit version 0.8

after finishing a short program in a VS 2005 Item of a project, how can I
test the code, if right?

i know form this Forum it named “emulaion mode”, but how?
because when i double click nvcc.exe, it runs for several seconds and
then this window(nvcc.exe) disappear. i am confused…

thank you for explanation step in step

i input in the windows Command Prompt:
nvcc -deviceemu


Catastrophic error: could not open source file “”

1 catastrophic error detected in the compilation f “”.
Compilation terminated.

The SDK includes Visual Studio project files for all the examples. To build within VS, just select the “EmuDebug” or “EmuRelease” build configurations and then build.