How to transfer large files from PC to jetson tx2 with usb

I want to tranfer files to tx2. After acceleration, tranfer files back to PC.
it’s to slow by using serial communication.

I want to know if there is any new way to use USB to achieve high speed file transfer — from a new developer

You can use type-A to micro USB cable to connect TX2 with Ubuntu PC. On Ubunut PC, run


An expansion on the scp topic might be useful…

“scp” can be used over ethernet almost like “cp”. This is part of “ssh”. Unless you set up keys you would need to use a password, but these examples (run from a host PC on the same network as the Jetson) are a good example. The “” address is from the virtual ethernet over USB, but you could use the IP address of the gigabit and attain better throughput. I will assume your login name is “name”, and that the IP address is “”, but adjust for your case. These commands are run from the host PC.

ssh name@ <b>ls</b>
ssh name@ <b>pwd</b>
scp <b>/some/file/location/random_name.txt</b> name@<b>:/some/destination/location/on/the/jetson/</b>
# You can quote commands which have spaces or wildcards:
ssh name@ <b>"ls -l /some/destination/location/on/the/jetson/random_name.txt"</b>
ssh name@ <b>"ls -l /some/destination/location/on/the/jetson/random*"</b>
ssh name@ <b>"rm -i /some/destination/location/on/the/jetson/random_name.txt"</b>

When you start using ssh remote commands and logins it tends to pay to customize your shell prompt to know which system you are actually working on. If interested in that, just ask.

thank you so much for replying my question! I am trying to set virtual ethernet over USB, but it seems that i met some questions and can’t find any useful resources to make it.can you give me some sugestions?
I’m kooking forward to your early reply!

When the Jetson is fully booted the micro-B USB cable can become multiple “sythetic” (virtual) devices. This is currently set up such that the full-sized type-A connector on the host PC will react to the USB plug in as if an external ethernet card has just been connected, and normally would just “do the right thing”.

The reason this is so simple is that the TX2 not only emulates that wired ethernet card, it also emulates a router. This means the Jetson will be assigned address by the internal router, and that the host PC will be assigned address From the host the Jetson can be pinged by “ping” (or ssh connected by “ssh”). From the Jetson the host can be pinged by “ping”.

The complication is that of security. Some hosts may be configured to not allow a random USB ethernet card to be added and set up without a user ok of this. Most of the time this is not an issue, but if it is, then you need to know the MAC address of the virtual adapter by monitoring “dmesg --follow” on the host, and plugging in the USB. The log should give a MAC address. Then the network setup tool in the Ubuntu GUI will allow activating the adapter via that MAC address.

In some cases there may also be a need to allow the host PC to act as a bridge between the virtual ethernet and the outside world internet. If the virtual adapter is active, then the bridging should be ok as well (but after activating the MAC you might need to reboot once…or might not need to reboot).

I have learned a lot from your answers above, thank you so much!