How to translate NvMediaImage to EGLImage?

We want to translate the NvmediaImage to EGLImage because we could only get NvMediaImage from the producer and our algorithm could only process with EGLImage.
I have refer to “EGLStream” in drive-linux/samples/nvmedia, but it couldn’t work well.

Is there any resolution about this issue?

Dear @932315769,
Could you please use your business email ID to get further support.

My business mail is but I couldn’t log in with this count.
I also report a case on NVOnline but it seems has no progress so I submit a topic on forum.

Is there any suggestion about this question?

Dear @932315769,
Could you confirm if you are using DRIVE AGX Xavier/ DRIVE AGX Orin platform?

Dear @932315769,
Please confirm the DRIVE release on target. May I know why you are looking for EGLImage only? Did you check nvm_eglstream sample if it can be used in your use case to share data across APIs.

My platform is DRIVE AGX Orin and the os version is 6.0.1.
My requirement is get the NvMediaImage from producer(done) and translate the buffer to EGLImage(todo) then post the buffer to render(done).

Dear @932315769,
just to clarify, DRIVE OS does not have NvMediaImage → EGLImage conversion APIs.

Yes I knew,but I found some function to complete this action.
I use the eglStreamImageConsumerConnectNV and NvMediaEglStreamProducerCreate,NvMediaEglStreamProducerPostImage to post the NvMediaImage to the producer and then use eglQueryStreamConsumerEventNV to acquire the EGLStream and EGLImage from the consumer.
Could this method work?

Please see if the usage in wetson wayland compositor implementation can help with your use case.