How to transmit video or image of jetson to ground control station?

I have an jetson Tx1 and I want to transmit video or image of jetson to ground control station

What do you mean by “image”? An actual picture, a disk image, etc…

Assuming you meant transmitting pictures as you also mentioned videos, it depends on :

  • what processing you intend to do with your TX1 (an ethernet camera may be cheaper otherwise)
  • How far will Major Tom be from ground control ? :) If more than a few tens of meters and not using wired ethernet, it may be more complicated, you may precise.
    In short, you may set up a gstreamer pipeline from camera, encode in H264 or H265 and send it as a rtsp stream through UDP, that ground control station should be able to read.

Thank you for your advice.

and I have an other question

The drones are equipped with a camera and jetson Tx1(It will be processed video tracking on jetson Tx1). after video tracking, I Will transmit this video to my laptop. The distance is over 100m. Which method and which communication should be used?

I was looking at some of the range limits of 802.11a/b/c/g, and it looks like the maximum range is not even close to being able to reach that far out. I don’t know what the rules are where you are at for increasing range with a directional antenna, but if you were to use an ordinary wireless connection as already existing on the Jetson it seems this is your only possibility. If this isn’t feasible, then you’re going to need different standards and additional wireless hardware, e.g., a cellular modem. Cellular modems though are both expensive to operate, dependent upon cell towers, and slow throughput.

Below two links may be a good reference. FYI.