How to tune HDMI's drive strength or pre-emphasis parameters easily


I ran HDMI compliance test, then resulted an eye diagram error.
So I want to tune the drive strengths and pre-emphasis settings and TMDS internal termination.
These parameters are defined in device-tree’s node “host1x/sor/prod-settings/prod_c_hdmi_foo_bar”.
I am going to following steps.
  1. Change these parameters in dtsi file
  2. Make dtb
  3. Do ./
  4. Run HDMI compliance test again
  If the test fails, retry first step.

But this way should takes some time.
Do you know how to easily tune it? If possible I would like to tune it on TX2’s Linux.

Use register read write tool like devmem2 or reg change the register value you want to tune may also work.
Check TRM to get register address.

Hello, JimWang.Thank you for your reply.

I was able to tune registers using devmem2.
Thank you!