How to turn off ASPM function in orin

How to turn off ASPM function in orin,?I didn’t find the corresponding information in the forum and documentation, can you provide the help, thanks.

By default, the ASPM should be disabled.
You can find the info under “lspci -vvv” output.

This I tried and there was no response.

Please try

  • Appending ‘pcie_aspm=off’ to the kernel command line in extlinux.conf.
  • Removing “CONFIG_PCIEASPM_POWERSAVE=y” and setting “CONFIG_PCIEASPM_PERFORMANCE=y” in the kernel configuration

After change:991a31a45a40ea30ce6e5f449ac98ed
Before change:e1a136e634342a5148790b863ecddd5
Same problem, no information is output after the change using LSPCI -VVV.
Are there any other ideas, please?

The previous problem has been solved, but the result after entering the command after lspci -vvv is like this, I have no way to tell if ASPM mode is disabled or not.

You should check lspci with sudo.

Thanks for your help, ASPM is indeed banned. But I have one more question. Regarding the CLKREQ pin, is there a way to output the clock if I don’t want to use this pin?

You are talking about using other clk instead of this pin?

Yes, orin’s C5 I connected to Switch, but there is no CLKREQ pin in Switch, currently the clock of C5 part can not be output, so is there a way to output the clock of C5 part without CLKREQ?

Sorry that we don’t support such device. Must have CLKREQ.

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