How to turn off fan after ./

When running program I turn on my fan to accelerate calculation by using

And now I would like to turn it off to let it have a rest,does anyone know how to do?


I think this file is what you are interested in:


On a default boot it uses “0”. Maximizing would be:

sudo echo 255 > /sys/kernel/debug/tegra_fan/target_pwm


sudo echo 0 > /sys/kernel/debug/tegra_fan/target_pwm

Note that if the fan is needed it will still be used, so it may take time for the fan to slow if previous operation has built up heat.

You can also save a clock config (for example just after boot with slow clocks) with:

sudo /home/nvidia/ --store

The clocks config will be stored in your home directory into file l4t_dfs.conf.
Then, if you’ve boosted the clocks and want to restore the slow clocks mode saved into that file, you would just launch:

sudo /home/nvidia/ --restore

What if I haven’t stored --store jetson_clock and want to restore?

Reboot, and it goes back to default. Run the --store. Then run the regular and the --restore will work.

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