How to turn off power supply on PCIE Port AGX Xavier Developer Kit

Hi all,
I am currently running my AGX Xavier with Jetpack Version: 5.1.2-b104
My question regarding to the problem where I don’t know how to turn off the PCIE port power supply. I’m trying to use a network card that use an external power supply to enable POE devices, yet, if I connect the network card to the Xavier, the power from the Xavier will conflict the external one. Looking forward yo your help

Thank you

Is this on custom board or devkit?

I’m using the devkit

PCIe C5 or some other PCIe interfaces?

It’s the C5 one

I have a look at this page:

but couldn’t find the file mentioned in the PCIE controller section, any help please ?

  1. You should learn where to find the correct document… The link you are using now is jetpatck4 document…

  2. Please check the device tree and see the regulator in use in PCIe C5 controller, try to disable it by using regulator sysfs.

Hey, thank you so much for letting me know
I found the pcie@141a0000 in the /proc/device-tree and see the vpcie12v-supply and vpcie3v3-supply
Might be a stupid question … but I am new to this, so not sure how to disable it using regulator sysfs, can you show me where to start ?

Sorry for the late response.
Is this still an issue to support? Any result can be shared?

Hey there,

I was searching around and could see 30 different regulators
Still unsure which one is the correct one to disable

Read the device tree and the pcie controller and see which regulator is in use in that pcie controller…