How to TX2 support User Defined Byte-based Data

Hi everyone,

I use TX2, the bsp is R32.3.1, our customer’s camera sensor output image data use “User Defined Byte-based Data” via mipi, how to support it ? Thanks.

It’s bayer sensor?

Yes,the sensor output image data via vc0, and output PD image via vc1 and the PD image DT is 0x30 User Defined.

Sorry to tell. Current argus not support the user defined data.

Does kernel driver not support or rtcpu not support?

For the argus pipeline the user space camera driver not support it.

Is there any way to support User defined data? Could you please help to raise supporting request from NVIDIA internal team? As user defined data is mandatory for new high end camera modules nowadays, and supporting that is very very vital to our TX2 product, we cannot sell our tx2 product to our customer if NO user defined data support, and that will also make NVIDIA lose market. Even the low end product BlackBerry system can support that, NVIDIA must think over to consider to adding support on it.

Will check internally.

Sorry to tell, Current we don’t have plan to support this.

Are you trying to just pull the data off the image sensor or are you trying to process it through the NVIDIA ISP video pipeline?

If you just want to pull the data off the image sensor you should be able to use v4l2-ctl directly and bypass the ISP. Then you can use your own custom processing of the image sensor data, perhaps with some accelerated CUDA operations that you design to handle the User Defined data.

I just pull the data off image sensor, but I can’t capture the image data, becasue the bsp capture the image timeout. I save rtcpu log, the CHANSEL_FAULT bit 15 (DTYPE_MISMATCH ) is 1. I guess that rtcpu does not support User Defined Byte-based Data.

Are you using v4l2-ctl … --set-ctrl bypass_mode=0 ?

You should be able bypass the ISP and directly get the data off your sensor if you have connected everything up properly and have all the sizes correct in your DT.