How to uninstall Cuda 8.0 on RHEL 6

The installation guide says there is a script /usr/local/cuda-8.0/bin/ but that doesn’t exist.

I searched uninstall and anything ending in ‘.pl’ in /usr/local/cuda but can’t find anything useful.

perhaps because you used the package manager method for install. In that case you need to use the package manager method for uninstall, eg. something like yum remove cuda:

I have done CUDA 8.0 runfile installs on both Ubuntu and RHEL, and it definitely places a file called or in /usr/local/cuda/bin

Yes, i installed using the local repo method. So after installing the repository, I did a

yum install cuda

But now if I do a yum erase cuda it only removes cuda, not all the cuda / nvidia rpms that were installed.

Probably a separate issue.

Your question appeared to be about why no .pl files were present.

That is due to the install method you have chosen

I’m not sure what exactly will be removed in the package manager “uninstall” method. It probably depends on package dependencies. I’m also not sure what you mean by “it only removes cuda”.

yum is a package manager. It installs or removes packages. So I guess what you mean is that it didn’t remove all the packages you thought it should.

My question referred to the user manual that tells me to use the perl script to remove cuda. There is no mention of how it was installed, so I assumed it would work for me.

When I did a yum install cuda, a lot of RPMs were installed. But when I uninstall cuda, only the cuda RPM is offered for uninstall.

So the question is still how to uninstall cuda.

Based on the documentation, I assumed the perl script would issue the appropriate yum commands to undo what was done during install. Barring that, I would think that dependencies in the cuda rpm would uninstall all the pieces the install did.

Section 4.6 of the linux install guide is where those perl scripts are mentioned for uninstall.

Section 4 of the linux install guide is title “runfile installation”.

Everything in section 4 pertains to Runfile installation.

If you chose a package manager install method instead, the relevant instructions are in section 3.

Yes, I am aware that section 3 contains no Uninstall section. That does not mean that the section 4 uninstall section pertains to section 3.

Thanks, I missed that these instructions were part of the runfile installation.

And based on the RHEL instructions, one would assume the cuda RPM would have all the needed dependencies to remove the pachages it had installed. But it doesn’t. Looks like I’ll have to go to the yum log to see what was installed along with cuda, then uninstall one by one.

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