How to uninstall Linux from Shield TV

I have installed Ubuntu Linux on my Shield TV.

I have applied steps similar to the ones in here:

I have flushed it to the recovery image too. So when I start Shield TV, it boots up the Ubuntu Linux.

I am now willing do factory reset on the device:

But I do not see the device listed in “adb”. I wonder if I need to prepare another microSD disk and plug it in and make it load?

Could anyone be able to factory reset the device if Linux is installed on it?

When you get a chance, please contact our support team through here:

This may be something they’ll have to handle.

Hi, phoad!
I recently want to install ubuntu on my shield 2017 and want some suggestion.
What do you mean “applied steps similar to”, is there any tricks?
And did you used an sd card to install it? As I know, there is 4 ports in shield 2015, so which port are used when installing ubuntu?
Hope your reply!


I have only applied the steps on that page.
I used an SD card. So, Ubuntu is installed on that SD card.
Whenever I plug the SD card in and start the device, it starts Ubuntu. When I unplug the SD card, it starts the regular OS/Tv.
Later, I made a mistake and override the boot section, which made the device to only run Ubuntu. I could not be able to revert it :(
I have connected the Micro USB port to my computer and I did the installation through that connection.
I could be able to run the CUDA examples on the device.

Best luck,

Happy for your reply!
After you install ubuntu on SD card, do you use “sudo fastboot flash boot boot.img” or something like that by otg cable sending command to the shield? Because I think the shield won’t recognise the SD card if you just plug on with no operation.
I am uncertain about your " I did the installation through that connection", if the ubuntu has been installed on SD, then was there need installation on shield? Or your mean is that the SD card only has the rootfs files and then using the SD card to install?
Best wishes!