How to uninstall Omniverse on Linux

I need to reinstall the Omniverse and have already read the relevant topics. But when I downloaded the cleanup tool for Linux, I failed to launch the tool. Though I have used the chmod order, it still didn’t work when clicking. How to use the cleanup tool on Linux?

And I wonder what is the type of the file, application or exe? Is this the the reason I failed to launch?

Thanks in advance!

@Follograph, as a Windows user, it’s an .exe that when ran, will launcher a command line CLI (screenshots can be found on the doc’s page). the description on the cleanup tool page mentioned

these instructions can be adapted to the Linux version.

that said, i cant say for certain what that translates to within the Linux context

Thanks. I checked the order and found the type unnecessary. Now I can launch the tool. The terminal seems similar to that on Windows.

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Great glad to hear

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