How to update and deploy software/files through a group of Jetsons Nano Dev Kit?

Hello everyone, we have 15 Jetson Nano (Jetson Nano Developer Kit 4GB) that we use to make workshops, we would like to automate the process of installing software and downloading files that will be used for the practices. At the moment the process is completely manual, meaning that we have to install everything one by one which makes the process quite tedious. So I was wondering if there is a way to manage this scenario in a more efficient way?

Is the software in the form of a package? If not, then technically this is the correct way to do this. You could then also add your own custom repository server, and when the Jetsons check for updates, they would find your software updated (your custom server wouldn’t have anything on it but your own packages), this would be automatic. This does take a server, learning how to make packages, and creating a repository, so it isn’t necessarily practical for everyone.

I did recently see this for connecting via cloud, and I have not tried this, and I do not know for sure if it would even be relevant to your case, but you might see if this looks helpful (I’m not endorsing it, but saying it looks to be interesting for your case):

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I was about to post :)

I am sure Edgeworx Cloud can help, but was actually discussing with the devs if your use case would work easily with EC! I suggest giving it a try and letting us know if it works for you!

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