How to update CC character the correct way?

I found out from this topic that I have to make some adjustments to sss maps in cc & adjust sss values in Create to make the white lines to disappear from skin:

Ok I have A2F project here, and I realized that I forgot to do these “workarounf fixes” to my character. How can I update my already talking A2F character to the new version of the exactly same female character?
Here you can see the fixed sss maps on right, there are no distracting white lines at her skin:

if you only change the SSS map, it’s a texture map. you can try to copy the new map to the existing folder
Materials\Textures\Std_Skin_HeadStd_Skin_Head_SSSMap.jpg (or png … etc )
Materials\Textures\Std_Skin_Body\Std_Skin_Body_SSSMap.png (or jpg … etc)

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That is great!
But it looks like for now, I cannot just swap in A2F a real-time optimized exported cc character to a Path-traced optimized, right?

no, can’t do that, the material are different (OmniPbr vs OmniSurface), not just the textures

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Ok, that´s what I thought too.
So I make a different scene for each renderer.

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