How to update Xavier NX sd card from ssd

I have installed a Western Digital 250GB SSD on my Xavier NX and have successfully completed all of the steps to switch the rootfs to a NVMe SSD which works fine.

However, if I upgrade to a newer version of JP, I know that I will need to also apply those changes to the SD card that I am booting from. I know that this involves copying the /boot* directory and /lib/modules// from the SSD to the SD card.

Therefore can a moderator provide the correct CLI command sequence to copy the /boot* directory and /lib/modules// from the SSD to the SD card?


What will be your method of “upgrading to a new version of JP”?


Possibly OTA if it is now available?

Actually, the OTA does not guarantee the customization. Which means if you do some configuration to your boot, it has chance to fallback to default jetpack setting.

I cannot give a definitive yes or no answer to it.

You can try it. If it still boots from nvme, then just copy and paste the /boot/Image to your corresponding path in mmcblk0p1.


After a lot of digging on the this post I found the following:

“If you update system, you need to manually copy /boot of SSD to /boot on emmc”

sudo mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt
cp -r /boot/* /mnt/boot/


I just use a symbolic from SSD Linux rootfs /boot to mmc (SD card) /boot directory of linux filesystem in SD APP partition being mounted.
l4t-bootloader or any kernel, dtb… updates are made in place, however you would have to be aware that any of such update would reset extlinux.conf to default SD Linux rootfs, so be sure to edit MMC /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf for making your SSD entry as default before rebooting, otherwise you may need a serial console for fixing this.


Thanks for the heads up, much appreciated.

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