How to updatge partitions of Xavier ?

There are a lot of partitions in Xavier. How to let Xavier update these partitions with new images.



may I know what’s your use-case.
the fastest way to update all these partitions would be perform whole flash.

$ sudo ./ -r jetson-xavier mmcblk0p1

please also check the documentation if you would like to Flashing a Specific Partition.

I want to update a partition in Xavier instead of under host pc.

Other partitions (at least in the more recent releases) are signed. The tool does the signing. So even if you use dd to write a partition the signing would still be required…and this is done on the host PC. Are you ok with pre-signing on a host if you can use dd on the local Jetson? For R32.1 there is a useful thread on signing:

Hi inuxdev
Can I write system.img which is producted by to rootfs using dd?


Yes, that will work. Just make sure you’re booted to an alternate rootfs and it should work as expected. Also make sure the new partition size fits the old partition size. I think you can install a smaller partition and it’ll still work, but going to a larger partition (versus the original) would be a problem. You can use apps like “gparted” from an alternate boot if needed.