How to Upgrade Kernel Version for Jetson TX2?

Now, I used Jetson TX2 to do some research, however the source r28.1 kernel version is a little old, I want use kernel version v4.12.11.If possible to upgrade kernel to this version by myself? And can u give me some hints or guide how to upgrade linux kernel by self? Thank you!

There is general information on building and installing the kernel with the R28.1 Documentation download. I do not know if the 4.12.11 kernel will work with a Jetson. If it does, then you would follow the Documention using your kernel source in place of the existing kernel source, and make sure you start with the “/proc/config.gz” of the current running system. There is a significant chance that even if you do everything correctly the kernel won’t work (e.g., because of device tree issues not addressed in the 4.12.11 kernel). Documentation can be downloaded here (see “kernel customization”):

Hi Yafei,

As linuxdev mention, this is a really hard task but not impossible. Chances are, even when you are able to port everything properly, things like; differences on the variables you need to read from the device tree, driver compability (the TX2 drivers with the newer kernel), compability issues with the window manager and other packages could cause you lots of problems.
Besides what has been alredy mention, my recomendation will be just port the feature(s) you will like from the newer kernel to the latest l4t release currently available, patch the kernel for the TX2 and update it in your board:

That way you will have a bigger chance to succeed in the short term by yourself.


Thanks for linuxdev and josejich, I will try to do it.

Hi! My version is R27 and I want to uodate to R28.Can you tell me how to update? Thanks!

Normally, if you have an Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04 PC host (a real one, not a VM), then you’d just use JetPack (currently JetPack3.2 which installs L4T R28.2):

If you just want to flash you can use command line flash from any 64-bit Linux host (Ubuntu is not a requirement for flash…it is a requirement for JetPack). For this you would download the driver package and sample rootfs. Documentation is available on that first URL, but the gist is: