How to upgrade our own customized FW to our own board with a TX2 module?

Our product based nVidia TX2 module need to upgrade FW, everything excluding bootROM and bootloader. Cause our TX2 module has only 4GiB internal eMMC and only 4GiB RAM, so we have to flash rootfs to external SD card and kernel if possible. We need upgrade them when our customer using it.

Here our question is:
How to realize it remotely, but not through manually entering recovery mode?

We think we have to make some change in u-boot. But is there some more easier way to finish that?

Hi garretzou,

If you want to “flash” the board remotely, currently there is no official method.
As for boot from external device, please refer to "Boot Sequence and Sysboot Configuration Files
" in L4T documentation.