How to upgrade the bootloader from Jetpack4.5 to Jetpack4.2

The new B01 nano cannot work with the old image anyway. It seems that the bootloader was modified and different from the old version according to the logs. I new to use jetpack4.2, can I upgrade it to Jetpack4.2?

Not sure what do you want to achieve here. Jetpack4.5 to jetpack4.2 is not a upgrade.

Maybe downgrade, whatever, how could I flash the Jetson Nano for working with Jetpack4.2? I tried to use SDK manager to flash a Jetpack4.4 image (as Jetpack4.4 is the oldest version available now), however, it always failed.

If you want to install jetpack4.2, then why you tried 4.4? Just flash 4.2, if you hit any error, share the error log.

Because only the Jetpack4.4 is available.

please run with

sdkmanager --archivedversions

Thanks, I will test it.

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