How to upgrade these 2 python packages?

I’m using a Jetson Nano 2GB , with Jetbot 4.5-0.4.3, please refer to

➜  ~ pip list --outdated
Package  Version Latest Type
-------- ------- ------ -----
spidev   3.5     3.6    sdist
tensorrt 8.6.1  sdist


spidev is a third-party library so please check with the library owner directly.

A new TensorRT can be found in the newer JetPack version.
There are some dependencies between library and OS so please reflash the system as well.


Do you have newer JetPack for Jetson Nano 2GB?
It’s NOT a Orin Nano.

Can you please share the link, rather than ???

Thank you


Please check below link:


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