How to upload data from intel jetson nano to cloud?

i’m very new to iot, and will need some advice on how to upload data from jetson nano to cloud.

i have a jetson nano unit, with intel network card and a camera (mounted on a forklift) that will activate a warning light if a moving object is detected within its pre-defined distance. if an object is detected, the jetson nano will register it as an event with timestamp.

with that, i’d generate a log (event with time stamp) in the jetson nano itself, and at the end of everyday… i will connect the jetson nano unit to a wifi router and upload the daily logs to cloud server.

any idea what are the necessary script(s)/ online services that i might require to achieve this?

scenario: data log from forklift → upload to cloud (possible to create a server/data repository?) -->external vendor to retrieve data for further analysis (dashboard format)

Many thanks in advance!!

We have a close implementation in DeepStream SDK. It demonstrates uploading result of deep learning inference, to kafka or Azure server. Please take a look at
C/C++ Sample Apps Source Details — DeepStream 5.1 Release documentation

You may try the default samples, and customize it to your use-case.

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