How to usb to set root login?

Can I use to set root login?

Sort of. That command was designed to create a new user, and that user has sudo permissions. The script was meant to operate by creating a new account, but the account for root already exists. Are you trying to allow root login? I ask because the “sudo only and no direct root login” is “an Ubuntu thing”. What is it you really want to accomplish?

Note that most changes you make to “Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/” will exist in the flashed system (I say “most” because some boot content is edited last minute before creating an image). There are all kinds of interesting things people can do with that will simplify life, but very few people actually work with that “power”. Knowing what you actually want to do is important when answering that question.

Note: If you have a single Jetson, then consider setting it up how you like, updating it, and then save a clone. Use the clone in place of generating a new system. Or some subset of the clone in place of “rootfs/”.

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