How to use 3 videoadapter for CUDA

Hi there

I got two EVGA GTX460 and one GT430.
GTX460s stand in first and second PCIe slots and GT430 in third. I can’t interchange graphic cards in slots.

Anyone know if its possible to use GT430 as general monitor output?? (2 GTX460 graphics cards will using for CUDA processing only!!)

How I can turn on monitor output on third videoadapter and use 2 GTXs as calculation accelerators?

If use 2 videoadapters - its simply activate the second one as PhysX processor, but for only one. Is possible use two of them as PhysX processor?

I am running W7, ASUS P7P55D Pro mobo.

Help please

This is most certainly possible in Linux: that’s my own setup. The Linux tweak involves adding one extra line (two extra lines, if you drive two monitors with your card) to a system configuration file.

Have no idea about W7.