How to use a custom deep learning network on Drive PX2?

I am trying to use my own CNN network on Drive PX2 with Sekonix GMSL cameras.
However, I couldn’t find related documents and tutorials.

How can I capture the images from GMSL cameras?

Based on the documents (, the images are captured to NvMdeia images.
And how can I use the NvMedia images as an input of my CNN network?

Finally, is it possible using pytorch framework on Drive Px2?

Thank you in advance.


The document is within driveworks sample which is located at /usr/local/driveworks/doc/.

You can open a GMSL camera with ./sample_camera_gmsl:
►DriveWorks Samples
►Camera Sensor Samples
►GMSL Camera Capture Sample

To run a customized CNN, you can check ./sample_object_detector sample:
►DriveWorks Samples
►Deep Neural Network (DNN) Samples
►Basic Object Detector Sample


I’ve looked at that sample and I’ve been having trouble figuring out how to modify it with my own deep learning models. Let’s say, for example, I wish to use a saved .uff or .caffemodel model to inference with the Drive PX’s live cameras, how would I change that code to accomplish it?