How to use Audio2Gesture functionality in your own extension

I’m currently working on an extension for Machinima where one of the parts is to automate some actions from the Audio2Gesture toolbox (select track, source, and target skeleton; set style and options for animation; create and export animation).

Currently there are 2 commands that can be used to create a new instance, but no register commands that can be used to “talk” with the main functionality of A2G.

My one idea was to modify the sources of omni.audio2gesture.core and somehow add all the commands I need - but since this is a core application extension, I do not think it is a good idea to modify it.

So, is there any other way to do what I want or maybe I should wait and let this (new commands or API) be added by Omniverse developers?

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Thanks for sharing! Pekka and I chatted on this earlier this morning and I am checking with the dev team on it. We’ll update here.

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@czapio If you have a clear idea of what you want to add, you don’t need to modify the core extension. You should be able to create a new extension that augments the functionality of another.

Thanks for your reply. Could you briefly write in a few steps how to go about this?

Sure. You can add other extensions as a dependency for your extensions. You do this by specifying it in your extension’s extension.toml: Extensions in-depth — kit-manual 104.0 documentation

By declaring that dependency, you can safely use the API from the A2F core extension. You can create your own Kit commands that leverage that API and those command will be callable from any script or any extension as long as your extension that defines that commands is loaded.

Does that help?

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