How to use both console window and x window on two monitor


I’m Korean newbie programer.

Thank for viewing my Topic. XD

Now using Tegra Tk1 and r21.3 version.

And Two Monitor is connected with module.

If I change window mode, it is work very well such as “chvt 1” or “chvt 7”.

But fb0 and fb1 is changed at the same time.

I want to use Two wnidow mode together.

For example fb0 monitor is console mode and fb1 is X window.

If this problem is impossible to solve and it can’t use two mode together.

I will find another direction.

But it is possible, I want to know where i do see to solve problem!!!

I need your help… T_T

There are basically two schemes without doing a lot of work. One is that a VT, selected by the ALT-F1 through F7 would typically give you whatever tty/getty program runs on that VT one at a time (it doesn’t have to be one GUI on F7 and text on F1 through F6…it could be GUI on F6 as well, or even entirely GUI on F1 through F7 with no text console…people are just used to having a single GUI and multiple text consoles). One video device frame buffer, one mode, but possibly two displays if GUI. I’ve thought about putting Vulkan on one getty and keeping X11 on another to have both.

It gets difficult if you want two independent text mode monitors at once…this would mean running more than one tty program, but having the same video hardware split between them. Getty/tty was not designed for multi-monitor support the way X11 was. X11 has multi-monitor support, but does not do text mode console. When in GUI, xterm or similar is required, X11 itself does not support text console simultaneously with graphics. SVGA lib sort of did this by making some graphics available, but does not support real X11 and the applications running under X11. See:

Having two video cards would allow you to make use of one video card completely independent of the other without switching between F1 through F7…in theory one video card could be dedicated to text mode so long as you have independent video hardware, but I don’t know how difficult it might be to configure it.