How to use camera calibration tool in driveworks-0.6

I’m trying to calibrate the gmsl camera. I used our own checkerboard but the calibration tool said no pattern could be detected from images.
As for intrinsic,This calibration tool support 1, 2, and 4 cameras, i just use 1 camera, how to set parameter?step to step?

Dear xianze.feng,

Sorry for late reply.
Actually we updated to DW1.2 and changed the calibration method.
So could you please update DriveWorks 0.6 to 1.2 and then try it again?
We provide our calibration tutorial in DW 1.2. Thanks.

Where can I find the tutorial? Could you please give me a link to the Camera Calibration Tutorial mentioned in

Dear aagarwalp9ot0,

There is no weblink for DriveWorks.
So could you please refer to the calibration tutorial in DriveWorks docs on your hostPC or DrivePX2? Thanks.