How to use clara_pt_prostate_mri_segmentation

Hi,got a question.
I wanna use { clara_pt_prostate_mri_segmentation}, but got a error.
It’s input need 2 channel MRI image with intensity,but own mri image is one channel.
How to change image channel?

Thanks for your interest in Clara Train SDK. Please check out the notebooks to get you started clara-train-examples/PyTorch/NoteBooks at master · NVIDIA/clara-train-examples · GitHub

To your question this model is expecting 2 channels as pointed out at NVIDIA NGC

Input: 2 channel MRI image with intensity

This is how it was trained using T2 and ADC you can’t run it unless you have both channels. You can fake the other channel but this will result in Bad/ wrong results. Similarly if you give it T1 images or even pass in ADC and T2 instead of T2 and ADC.

If you only have T2 or ADC I would suggest you download the data as on hte NGC page and retrain only using 1 channel . you would need to modify the train config a bit

Hope this helps