How to use ConveyorNode with python standAlone mode in Isaac Sim?

I’m attempting to operate the conveyor belt, one of the assets provided by default in Isaac Sim, using only python code in a standAlone mode. The address of the asset I’m using is as follows:

ur10_table_usd = self.assets_root_path + “/Isaac/Samples/Leonardo/Stage/ur10_bin_stacking_short_suction_2.usd”

This USD was designed to control the Rollers via the ConveyorNode in the ConveyorBeltGraph. However, I’ve discovered that the input tab of the ConveyorNode does not activate unless the conveyor extension tool is added through Window>Extensions>conveyor, making it unusable.

While I can activate the extension tool through the GUI when using it, how do I do so with python? I’ve confirmed that simply using import omni.isaac.conveyor does not work.

In summary, please let me know how to activate the ConyerNode in standAlone mode.

ps: The photo shows when the ConveyorNode is not recognized.

Hi @wlsry6847 - Have you referred to this documentation?