How to use CUDA Debugger API

After reading the document of CUDA Debugger API, I still have no idea how to actually use it. I can’t find any demos throughout the net neither. Does any one know how to use it? A minimal example is appreciated.

I believe the principal “demo” or “sample code” is cuda-gdb, for which source code is available. There may be folks on the cuda-gdb forum who know more about it.

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It seems that cuda-gdb uses CUDA Debugger API, but it just reuses the struct definition CUDBGAPI_st in cudadebugger.h and implemented the function pointers by itself. cuda-gdb use IPC to communicate with the driver directly instead of use the functions returned by cudbgGetAPI in cudadebugger.h. This can be confirmed by Ptrace in the kernel function - #2 by agontarek