how to use cuda i have a 8600m gt and cant getr cuda 2.1 to work

when i go to install the driver it says it cant find a sopported divice or some thing like that if i just install the lastest driver for my card will it come with the driver? than when i get it how do i use it to optomise gaming like fallout 3 and and call of duty waw

Sorry Tim, CUDA doesn’t really work that way. If you install the latest nVidia drivers for your laptop (which may, or may not, include CUDA 2.1…some laptop drivers only have 2.0 at the moment) then the games themselves will need to be written to use CUDA if they want to get any performance boost. In any case, most games like the ones you mentioned are already going to be using the graphics card at full speed by the use of other 3D programming techniques. CUDA is more for mathematical-type computing than gaming (with games that support PhysX being the exception).

thanks what should i do to get the most performance from my gpu i got the phyxics demo but i dont know if i got the driver or if ineed it will it help :blink: and cuda does work but not the 2.1. when i put the 2.0 in it sayes that the driver is already better than the 2.0 should i still installit or just the newist driver for my card. thanks