How to use CUDA?


I just downloaded beta drivers 177.92 and I don’t see anything on how to set up CUDA? I am using a Zotac 8800GT, I am a total newb when it comes to this CUDA stuff. Is there a program besides the drivers I have to download? Any help would be great.

what do you mean by use?

If you want to program, you have to download the toolkit and SDK.
If you want to use programs that need CUDA, just download the latest drivers (they should have CUDA support)

What if I wanted to render using a program that someone else made (chaoscope) but use my GPU instead to render it.
Is that possible?

If they wrote it to use CUDA, yes.

Is there a way for me to edit/tell the program to render using my GPU then?
It normally uses my CPU

For that, you will have to see the specific program’s documentation on how to select a GPU to run on.