How to use cuda10.2, cudnn8.0.0, and tensort7.1.0 on jetpack3.1?

My Image processing box is jetpack3.1 and the recovery key is blocked, I can’t enter the recovery mode to get jetpack 4.4. But I want to use the latest version of tensorrt, so what should I do?

If the Jetson is running, then possibly this will work to reach recovery mode (not sure, it is an old release):
sudo reboot --force forced-recovery

However, keep in mind that if the flash starts, then an incomplete flash would leave the unit unable to fully boot, and thus you would not be able to use the same method a second time in a row. You might be able to use the above, but be sure you have a backup plan to reach recovery mode in case the flash does not go through.

Can I install jetpack4.4 version of cuda, cudnn and tensorrt offline on jetpack3.1? I have installed cuda and cudnn but I cannot find the drivers of jetpack4.4.

Hi @404336713, you cannot install newer CUDA/cuDNN/TensorRT versions on an older JetPack. They depend on the underlying L4T BSP and kernel.