How to use deepstream sdk in customized pyqt UI?

hi everyone, I want to extract information from metadata in pipeline and display the data on customized pyqt UI. I don’t know how to access the metadata in the UI thread. Could anyone give me a hand?? Thanks a lot

Wheere are you running the pipeline from? What kind of metadata do you need??

Assuming you’re talking about nvinfer: You can always attach a probe to an element’s pad after the nvinfer element and extract it there. A reference can be found here: buffer probe attachment and callback example

I’m not sure this is the solution, but in the past, what I’ve done is :

  1. Inside the mentioned callback (which runs in this loop , append elements to a queue.Queue
  2. from the UI thread, read elements from the queue (eg using Queue.get)

Thank you so much, I‘ll try the way you mentioned.