How to use different resolution camera module on AGX xavier

Hi teams

Recently,we are working on AGX xavier.We have successfully driven two kindsof FDLINK- III cameras with different is 1280x720@30fps,another is 1920x1080@30fps.
Now,we want to connect this two kind camera sensor connect to one chip like as below:

We have asked Ti and they said 960 can be used in this way。

Because this is Mixed use of 720p and 1080p in noe driver.

What I want to ask is, Can I use one driver to light up these two sensors. ?


Do you want virtual channel support for different resolution? I think should be able to support but didn’t verify. It’s be safe to if Des 960 can output two source as different CSI port.

Hi ShaneCCC

Yes I want virtual channel support for different resolution.
I will try it and later update this case