How to use DP0 as HDMI port

We are now developing a carrier board for TX2.
The carrier board has an HDMI output port, which is connected to the DP0 port of TX2.
In the developer kit, the HDMI output port is connected to DP1 and DSI and eDP are connected to DP0, so I wish I could, but unfortunately our carrier board is not did.

My question is whether it is possible to use DP0 as an HDMI output port.
Should I fix dts and recompile?
Or is it impossible?

If possible, I will be glad if you can tell me the links to the documents that will help you.

You should look at the Jetson TX2 OEM Product Design Guide. I think you may have a hardware/wiring issue…

Check the Jetson Dev Kit carrier board schematics, this may give you an insight.