How to use EEPROM in reference design (p2822_ B03)

Dear sir:
We have made a new board according to your reference design(P2822_B03) In your reference design, there are EEPROM for u54 and u501 positions.What are the functions of these two devices.Do we have to program the two chips.

U501 is not must as it is for some custom board info storage.
U54 is for U56 debug chip, it’s not necessary in general as Jtag is not necessary for most.

How does u501 write customer information? U501 is only connected to Xavier via I2C.
If we want to use JTAG and I2C interface, do we have to program u54?

It is w/r thru I2C for U501. U54 is for JTAG chip.