How to use fx4600 video card only for processing with onboard card for display

Hello all.

My workstation motherboard have an onboard graphic support, along with fx4600 card. currently the monitor is connected to the 4600.

how can i spare the 4600 only for gpu processing and use the onboard gpu for
display ?

My os(s) are xp(32/64 bit ) and 2003 server (64 bit).

Thanks in advance

No reply.?? :blink:

Is the onboard GPU a CUDA device? If not, just connect your monitor to the onboard device, don’t extend the GPU onto the Quadro, and run CUDA normally. Otherwise, you’ll have to use cudaSelectDevice().

Thanks for the reply.

yes the card is cuda device ( quadro fx 4600 ).

so i can just connect the monitor to the onboard connector and use the 4600 only for processing?

Simliar problem I have met. It seems that the issue depends on the MotherBoard.

I have a card Quadro FX5600 with an IGD (GMA X3000) on board SuperMicro C2SBA. I plan to choose the GMX 3000 as the Display device and the FX5600 as the CUDA compute device. But they cann’t see each other in Windows XP. When I choose the IGD as the Default Primary VGA, FX5600 is disappeared in Device Manager and GMA X3000 works fine. When I choose the PEG, PCI or Auto, FX5600 is choosed and GMA X3000 is disappeared. It seems that they cannot coexist with each other.

By the way, if you find the solution, could you send me a mail? Also I will if I do.


Thanks… well i have done that, and i got the same result :angry:

May be someone from nvidia can help us :ermm:

Generally, integrated and discreet graphics solutions will not work at the same time. If you need a dedicated CUDA compute device, check out the Tesla C1060. Since it’s not a display device, it shouldn’t have any compatibility issues with an integrated graphics solution.


Morph is right. Some of the newer mobos and gfx cards work together, but not quite in the way you need.