how to use gatherlayer?

I want to gather fist element on axis = 1,
so I add a gather layer,
network.add_gather(input_tensor, trt.tensorrt.ITensor([0]), 1)
the error as follow,

TypeError: add_gather(): incompatible function arguments. The following argument types are supported:
1. (self: tensorrt.tensorrt.INetworkDefinition, input: tensorrt.tensorrt.ITensor, indices: tensorrt.tensorrt.ITensor, axis: int) -> tensorrt.tensorrt.IGatherLayer

Invoked with: <tensorrt.tensorrt.INetworkDefinition object at 0x7fc27d998880>, <tensorrt.tensorrt.ITensor object at 0x7fc27d99b260>, [0], 1

I have search the internet and develop guide for a long time,but still don’t know how to use the gather layer.Could you give me some examples?Thanks.

the version is 6.0.1


Please refer to below python API doc:

Also, you can refer to some sample C++ implementation (network->addGather):


I have read this doc,but still do no know how to contruct a indices tensor.
Could show some real code?