How to use GPS from Waveshare's 4G Hats?

Greetings All.
I have been recently using a Waveshare’s 4G hat for the internet and wanted to use the onboard GPS as well.
I have been able to configure the GPS if I use an external one via USB, it is visible on the devices and it works perfectly, but unfortunately I can not receive GPS coordinates from Waveshare’s on board GPS.

The link of the 4g Hat:

PS. I have even ran these tests. everything works perfectly, even I can access the internet but unfortunately, GPS is stuck at NO FIX (0 Sec) even if left for long hours in open environments.

This is the output of the GPS Test in the link.

Please contact Waveshare to get further support. We don’t have experience of using the board. Would like to suggest contact the vendor directly.