How to use Hinge Constriant implement a door without shake?

I want to implement a door in UE4 use PhysX.

When I learn Bullet Physics Engine ,I know the knowledge about Hinge Joint Constraint.
the Jacobian of Hinge Joint Constraint

Here is what I do in UE4

I set three axis Linear Axis Locked and Swing motion1 Limited.
So the door Just Could be Rotated by Axis Z.

But when the Door collide with my hand in runtime,it will shake.
So How to avoid the shake and what’s the implementation of Hinge Joint Constraint in PhysX.
Thanks a lot.

How are you modelling your hand? Is it a dynamic actor or kinematic actor (infinite mass but moveable)? How are you moving it? By setting the global pose or by setting a kinematic target? If it’s kinematic and you are not setting kinematic targets but instead setting global poses (effectively teleporting the hand), this will behavioural issues because the hand is teleported inside another object rather than being moved into the object with velocity.

PhysX’s joint constraints are provided in extensions (see ExtD6Joint, ExtRevoluteJoint etc.). In UE4, all constraints are implemented using D6Joints. There is also a specialised revolute joint which implements a hinge but both the D6 and revolute should produce equivalent joints.

The problem you may be seeing is that, if the hand passes into the door, the door needs to move to escape from this penetration. If the door cannot move in a legal way to overcome the penetration (say if it would have to move past its limit or become embedded in some static/immveable geometry), then you are in a situation where the state cannot be solved in such a way that all error is eliminated - either the door is going to penetrate the hand or the door is going to violate joint limits/pass into another object.

You may be able to reduce the jitter by setting maxDepentrationVelocity to be something smaller than the default PX_MAX_F32 on your door. Something like 2m/s (in UE4, that would be 200units) should limit the amount of energy introduced by error between the door and the hand.

I use HTC Vive ,and it’s VR Hand

Here is the Picture and Vedio,I think the problem will be clear when you see the vedio


The collision is just detected between the hand and the lock of the Door.
the Collision of the Door is set just overlap with the hand and other static /dynamic actors.

Sorry. Every image you’ve pasted seems to be restricted - I can’t access them and the baidu video you supplied just throws up a 404 for me. They may work outside of my work network but I definitely can’t access them from my office machine :(

Hope you can see it at home.
I need solve this problem tomorrow for my customer.