How to use HUD counters like "D3D frame time"

I can’t add the counter “D3D frame time” to my HUD as it’s always greyed out. Look at the screenshot here:
I didn’t find any documention if there are special requirements to use these D3D* counters.

My Applications uses DirectX9 (Ex) running on Windows 8.1. NSight in VS 2013.

I’m trying to find a bottleneck which seems the be rooted at locking resources and causing GPU and CPU to wait.

I also would like to see the framerate as a graph in the HUD.

Thanks for you help

(first post in this forum from me).

Hi Stebi,

Seems you need to ‘New Graph’->‘Signals (Raw)’, then you can add the counters you want. Actually, there are two different kinds of Graph, one is ‘Raw’, another one is ‘Normalized’. the Normalized Graph didn’t support contain a Raw counters, that’s why you see the gray D3D* counters.