How to use i2c block read


I want to read manufacture information of UCD90160 by i2c.

But I find that I can’t do it because smbus block read can’t be used (I use i2c-tools).

How can I read manufacture information from UCD90160 by tx1 ?

i2cdump with sudo permission should help.

Could you elaborate why smbus cannot use?

Hello Wayne

I tried to use below command to read data

root@tegra-ubuntu:/home/ubuntu# i2cdump -f -y 7 0x6b s 0x9a

But I got error message as below

Error: Adapter does not have SMBus block read capability

Then I find that the i2c doesn’t support smbus block read.

root@tegra-ubuntu:/home/ubuntu# i2cdetect -F 7
Functionalities implemented by /dev/i2c-7:
I2C                              yes
SMBus Quick Command              yes
SMBus Send Byte                  yes
SMBus Receive Byte               yes
SMBus Write Byte                 yes
SMBus Read Byte                  yes
SMBus Write Word                 yes
SMBus Read Word                  yes
SMBus Process Call               yes
SMBus Block Write                yes
SMBus Block Read                 no
SMBus Block Process Call         no
SMBus PEC                        yes
I2C Block Write                  yes
I2C Block Read                   yes