How to use ignition KL15 connection (red banana plug) for StartUp/ShutDown DPX2

I’m wondering if someone has experience with using the DPX2 in a vehicle environment where I don’t like to have any user interaction at all.
Means: How can the KL15 (banana plug) be used for starting up or shutting down the DPX2?
I can’t find any documentation or sample code for such a “basic” functionality in vehicle environments.

“shutdown -h now” on Tegra A and “power ab off” on Aurix console is not a user friendly interface. :-(

A hard startup/shutdown by KL30 = KL15 would be also not the NVIDIA recommended way of using the DPX2, or?
Hopefully the filesystem on eMMC won’t go inconsistency by this procedure.


I’m having this confusion as well. I looked everywhere on how to use the KL15 banana plug.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.