How to use integrated camera in NVIDIA TX2


Am using NVIDIA TX2 board…i want to use the integrated CSI interface camera for other application of my project, so i want to remove it and place the camera in different location, how can i do it…?

what cable should i want to use… to extend the camera from NVIDIA TX2 board …? please mention the cabel interface also…

Niranjan B

You need another motherboard to plug the camera cable and the Jetson into. (“carrier board.”)
The default carrier board that comes in the devkit does not support cabled cameras.
Also, you need drivers for the particular carrier board, and particular camera you’re using.
Names mentioned around here include:

  • leopard imaging
  • connect tech
  • econ systems
  • auvidea
  • ridgerun
    Each of these companies sell some combination of boards / cameras / drivers to make some part of the solution work.

Hi Niranantany,

Are you looking for camera with cable solution like ?

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I have bought a econ system camera. I have jetpack 3.2 installed on my Jetson Tx2. What drivers should I install to make it running?

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Akhil Umat