How to use Isaac Gym for Visual Observation Deep Reinforcement Learning?

I’m developing an RL environment which takes an image as an observation. But I don’t see any about how to use image data as an observation_buffer in documents or examples. After I call get_camera_image_gpu_tensor and gymtorch.wrap_tensor, I don’t know how to convert them into the obs_buf data type like other examples correctly.
Also I see in the train_cfg it say policy: # only works for MlpPolicy right now. Is it mean that if i want to use an image input, I must override the script like and rl/pytorchppo/, or pull the image data into a strip tensor then input as a MlpPolicy?
Can anyone give me some suggestion to solve this problem?


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It seems neither of currently compatible RL libraries ( rl_pytorch and rl_games) support images as input. So you have to bring in another 3rd party RL library.

Hi @hosh0425
thanks for you reply, I used a simple method that seems to solve this problem. Firstly, we need to flatten the image data into a one-dimension data. You can use view() or einops.rearrange() to do this.
Secondly, we need to use local rl_pytorch package, not what has been already setup in site-package. The simple way to do that is put the rl-pytorch folder into tasks/utils folder, then change

from rl_pytorch.ppo import PPO, ActorCritic


from utils.rl_pytorch.ppo import PPO, ActorCritic


Finally, we need to implement your custom CNN in rl_pytorch/ppo/, assign to and self.critic.

Remember that you should start with recovery image data like use einops.Rearrange('b (h w c) -> b h w c')

I put my implementation in my github:

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Thanks for sharing your implementation! We do not yet have an example of training with image buffers. The changes you made sound exactly like what will be needed to get an image training pipeline going.